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    来源:http://shoesnewsusa.com 发布(bu)时(shi)间(jian):2022-02-24

    In order to meet the requirements of radiation protection, the size and weight of lead protective door are very large, which has different requirements of opening and closing transmission mechanism and door structure design from general doors. With the development of technology and radiation protection door and window manufacturing industry, the future will develop a high degree of automation, convenient maintenance, perfect safety precautions, high technology content of protective door, to meet the use and protection requirements.
    In order to avoid welding deformation, symmetrical welding (including butt welding, vertical welding and oblique welding) should be adopted during welding of lead protective door. Slag removal and spatter removal should be carried out for each welding seam during welding of lead protective door. If defects are found, angular grinding wheel should be used in time to remove some defects. After welding of lead protective door, the welding area and welding management work site should be cleaned and transferred to other places Next welding node.
    In the door panel structure with lead as protective material, the motor directly affects the driving wheel to walk on the beam, and the weight of the door body mainly acts on the technical support wheel. The traditional single support walking wheel is adopted. The main feature is that the guide rail supporting the lead door can avoid crossing with the guide rail of the workpiece car to be tested, and the structure of the support guide rail can be simplified. This structure model is suitable for the door body with relatively light weight. The heavier the door body is, the higher the requirement for the anti deformation ability of the beam is, which makes the design of the power source more difficult.
    There should be no crack in the weld, the weld metal should be completely fused with the base metal, all gaps should be filled, and the weld should not overflow. Only in this way can the quality of the lead protective door be guaranteed, and the line should not leak or deform. The top of the door is equipped with a warning light and a door machine interlock device (that is, when the door is closed and the machine is opened, the warning light box on the door lights up).
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