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    来源:http://shoesnewsusa.com 发布时间(jian):2022-10-08

    Multi media filter is a common equipment during filtration. Strict sealing performance needs to be ensured in the whole water treatment process. When filtering impurities, good sealing can be ensured to avoid the mixing of other impurities and filtration difficulties. Among many sealing methods, magnetic seal is more common. What kind of magnetic seal is it?
    1. Since there is no need to pump or cool down, it is directly transported to the reactor at 260 ℃, which not only saves 100000 kcal of heating per reactor, but also saves 2 hours of production time, and improves the production capacity to a certain extent.
    2. The multi-media filter has no leakage due to magnetic seal, which makes the equipment reduce the leakage and waste of materials to a certain extent.
    3. Since the equipment has no leakage, the controllable reaction pressure is in the range of 3 ~ 3.5Mpa, which not only improves the preparation effect, but also shortens the preparation reaction time.
    4. The plug-in pipe is adopted for conveying, and there are no problems of bottom blockage and aluminum powder in the preparation of multi-media filter.
    5. Due to the use of differential pressure transmission, the cancellation of high-temperature multistage pump can not only save power and maintenance workers, but also reduce the cost of difficult maintenance work and expensive spare parts.
    With the help of magnetic force, the magnetic seal of multi-media filter requires the staff to carefully seal when the equipment is used, so as to ensure the water outlet effect of the filter, its transmission effect will be better, and then the water treatment effect will be better. If the efficiency of the equipment is high, more sewage can be treated, and more kinds of sewage can be treated at the same time.