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    During the development of endoscope for more than 200 years, the structure has been greatly improved four times, from rigid tube endoscope (1806-1932), semi curved endoscope (1932-1957), fiber endoscope (after 1957) to today's electronic endoscope (after 1983). Image quality has also undergone a qualitative leap again and again.
    Common related fault analysis:
    (1) Common faults of light source system
    (a) The light darkened. Excluding the reason that the grating is blocked, it is basically certain that the bulb is close to its service life, and it can be replaced with a new bulb. The service life of xenon light bulb is generally designed at 500 hours. If the light source system has a life timer, this problem can be easily solved.
    (b) The power on bulb does not light up. If the reason of burning the bulb is eliminated, the problem often lies in the high-voltage ignition circuit of the host, because the machine will produce tens of thousands of volts of pulse high voltage when starting up, and the components will age very fast. Note that the pulse high voltage cannot be checked with a multimeter at this time.
    (2) Common faults of artificial pneumoperitoneum system
    (a)压力显示不正确。这多是气体压力传感器损坏,如果机器设计有一组多个压差压力传感器同时工作的,一般一个老化或者污染无法工作的时候,J9九游会AG 要把这组传感器全部更换,否则只换其中一个,其他的同组的传感器寿命也接近临界了。
    (a) The pressure display is incorrect. This is mostly due to the damage of gas pressure sensors. If the machine is designed to have a group of multiple differential pressure sensors working at the same time, generally when an aging or pollution can not work, we should replace all the sensors in this group, otherwise only one of them will be replaced, and the service life of other sensors in the same group will be close to the critical point.
    (b)流量不准确。气体流量传感器损坏更换即可。有时候是通过压差来计算流量的,这时候J9九游会AG 就要更换新的压差传感器。
    (b) The flow is not accurate. If the gas flow sensor is damaged, replace it. Sometimes the flow is calculated by differential pressure. At this time, we need to replace the differential pressure sensor.
    (c) The equipment leaks. Many cases are caused by the aging of the sealing ring of the instrument. However, there are also reasons for air leakage of mechanical pressure reducing valve and damage of solenoid valve, which is easier to judge and repair.
    (3) Common faults of liquid pressurization system
    (a) The peristaltic pump is damaged.
    (b) The liquid pressure sensor is damaged. Its principle is basically the same as that of gas pressure sensor.
    (c) The internal circuit of the equipment is damaged.
    The above is the maintenance of endoscope equipment http://www.jiangrenyiliao.cn Thank you for checking the information of our company in your busy schedule. If you want to know more, you are welcome to call for consultation!